For Placement

Placement of older dogs

             Often Leahcim Kennels has retired females that are seeking pet homes. Either a female who has had 2-3 litters and is now retired from breeding or a female for whatever reason was not able to have a litter. If they adjust well into your home I feel this affords them the opportunity to be spoilt in a way that they can not being part of the “clan”.   

            The process works by your first meeting the dog and then taking them on a trial basis for a week to ten days. You can not determine if a dog will adjust to your home until you have them in your home for several days. If they are distant or ignore you when you come to see them do not be discourages. They don’t know you, but this does not mean that they will not come to adore you. Keep a few treats in your pocket for the first few days and spend one on one time with them and they will soon adjust. If they adjust then the transfer of ownership is done. If they do not adjust to your home then they can come back. Not adjusting happened rarely as the dogs are well socialized and have traveled when they were being shown.

This situation is ideal for the person who does not want to go through the puppy phase with a dog, or already has an older Pekingese and bringing in a very young and energetic dog might not work well. It is also a very cost efficient way to get a wonderful pet.

            The cost is very minimal and simply covers the cost of a spay, annual vaccinations and transfer of ownership.The goal is to have a comfortable retirement home for the dog and not profit.

            Keep this in mind and ask about who might be available for trial.